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About Us

Penn Home Health Care was founded in 2016. Since then, we are compassionately providing quality care services to individuals and families who are in the need of medical or non-medical assistance in the comfort of their home. The core of our belief is the honest commitment to each patient or client individually. Every person has different needs, which is why we care to listen and tailor the best in class healthcare/care in return. Guided by our values, we care about making a positive impact on each life we touch, as well as positive change to the community we serve.

As a healthcare provider, founded by someone who has been passionately dedicated to public service for over 17 years, we are constantly growing, learning and striving for excellence. We truly believe that everyone deserves a quality life and dignity, and it is our task to ensure that everyone who seeks for it reaches their full potential.

Our main goal is to keep growing by constantly investing in knowledge and technology, along with patience, empathy and human compassion. The balance of these two pillars makes Penn Home Health Care a great place for both patients and clients to learn on a daily basis

Penn Home Health Care – Our Team, Our Family

The main role of our home health caregivers is to ensure quality care in its fullest capacity.

Providing assistance to individuals who seek various kinds of medical treatments is the primary task of Penn Home Health Care’s medical caregivers. In addition, our non-medical caregivers are providing professional help and support with daily life activities, as well as strong companionship and understanding.

The scope of our services include: helping in daily tasks and households, helping our patients schedule medical appointments, professional assistance when dealing with medical treatments, help with hygiene tasks, shopping, but, most importantly, support and companionship.

Our Team

Both our medical and non-medical caregivers believe that by taking care of our patients, we are changing the world for the better. Investing in the wellbeing of each patient, client or employee makes us proud.

Penn Home Health Care pledges to donate a portion of net profits to the communities we serve. We have donated and sponsored various events, such as:

  • Sponsored sneakers for the local high school girls basketball team.
  • Prime sponsor of NDO (No Days Off) basketball camp.
  • Team sponsor of youth Brookhaven basketball league.
  • Sponsored meals for youth competing in AAU Junior Olympic.
  • Sponsored motorcycle ride to raise money towards fighting breast cancer.
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