Palliative Care

Support when it’s needed the most.

Personal Care

We will make personal tasks easier.

Private Duty

A close bond with your loved ones.

Our Mission

We are not just a healthcare provider, we are a family. That’s the approach we take when dealing both with our patients and business partners. The key essence of our mission is to provide professional and paraprofessional services to patients in their homes, assisting them to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to-day self-care activities. Every day, people here at Penn Home Health Care work hard and passionately to achieve our mission by providing high-quality, multidisciplinary care services that include: skilled nursing, assistance, and rights education, along with managing various aspects of their healthcare system, but most importantly compassion and peace.


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There are two ways of spreading light - to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.