Comprehensive Patient and Caregiver Education

patient and caregiver education services include:

Diabetes Management – Education, support, and assistance are provided by our highly skilled nurses. Our medically skilled staff is always open to work with patient’s physician and families in order to provide best help possible for your loved one. Services we provide for that matter are various and include:

  • Assessment of patient’s condition,
  • Instruction of patients and families on monitoring blood glucose levels,
  • Medication teaching,
  • Awareness of drug interaction,
  • Treatment of feet and other skin issues,
  • Circulatory needs,
  • Meal planning,
  • Assessment for need of adaptive equipment and occupational therapy,
  • Coordination of community services.

Cardiac Management

Other Disease Management including but not limited to COPD, CVA, TIA, GI, GU, etc

Nutritional Counseling

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